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Get help with breastfeeding, at home or virtually.

Start to reach your breastfeeding goals today!

Meet Elaine


Hello, my name is Elaine O'Neill! Since 1986, I've worked with new moms and newborns; from labor and delivery to lactation in the hospital, and now running my own lactation consulting practice

since 2010.

Our sessions will be easy-going, low-stress, and informative, so you can understand the latest evidence-based research, techniques, and care to help you take the stress out of breastfeeding and reach your goals!

I work directly with Aetna, and can give a reimbursement receipt for all other providers.


Book a free 15-minute consultation to figure out the best path forward for you and your newborn!


What I Specialize In

Over/Under Milk Supply Issues

Breast Refusal & Latching

Proper Feeding Techniques &

Painful Latch

Inadequate Weight Gain

Return to Work Planning

Image by Sandra Seitamaa

Nearly two-thirds of all new moms struggle with breastfeeding... you don't have to!

"I almost gave up on breastfeeding before meeting Elaine. Her support and guidance were a saving grace for me and my baby!"

"After following Elaine's advice for a few weeks, breastfeeding became natural and enjoyable. I cannot
thank her enough!"

"From working on correcting our latch and increasing my supply, Elaine helped me transition from formula to exclusively breastfeeding!"

Check Out Elaine's Instagram!

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