”Nursing was a struggle for me soon after my baby was born. My baby had weight gain issues due to my lower milk supply. I almost gave up on breastfeeding within the first month. A friend recommended Elaine and she truly was my savior. She worked with me on a systematic plan to get my supply up; she would frequently check in and encourage me to continue with my endeavor to succeed at breastfeeding. Thanks to her support and structure, I overcame my challenges. My baby who is now 4 months old, continues to be exclusively fed on breastmilk and I am able to keep up to this despite returning to work full-time. I strongly recommend Elaine for her knowledge, discipline and empathy.“ DV

"I don't know if we would have figured out that he was tongue-tied if it weren't for Elaine. None of the many doctors or nurses in the hospital even mentioned this could be an issue. And her encouragement all along the way was so great. She'd call to see how things were going and it was clear she truly cared. I feel so lucky that her name was the one given to me that day in the pediatrician's office. Nursing my son meant a lot to me, and I'm forever grateful to Elaine for being there with me and helping that happen."  PJ

"I asked for Elaine's help when my baby was a month old. I was unsure if my baby was getting enough milk. Elaine helped me measure my baby's milk intake during a nursing session and instilled confidence in the latching technique. Most importantly, she taught me a number of other breastfeeding positions that were a lot more comfortable for both me and my baby. After following her advice for a few weeks, breastfeeding became natural and enjoyable. I cannot thank her enough!"  JL